July 20, 2020:


Like many ventures all over the world right now, The Weird and Whatnot is currently in flux. While we figure out the future of our magazine, we have decided to temporarily pause all incoming submissions of Poetry and Short Stories*. This will in no way affect our upcoming publications this year for which we already have accepted pieces; we are working hard to make these happen right on schedule. We are also continuing to process all current submissions already in our system and will accept new pieces from among them. Thanks for your understanding! Please check back with us soon, and we will keep you updated as things change.

--The Weird and Whatnot Editing Team

*If you would like to submit artwork, please email us at

The Weird and Whatnot is dedicated to making publication as painless as possible for our contributors. We will respond to all submissions, questions, and queries in around thirty days, and will always try to treat your piece with the same care you do. We are always open for submissions year round.


Submission guidelines:

  • We accept poetry, prose, short stories, flash fiction, graphic narratives, plays/screenplays, and 2D artwork

  • Must be speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, alternative history, magical realism, slipstream, or paranormal horror

  • All work must be original: we cannot accept fan-fiction

  • Short stories must be short: maximum length accepted is 10,000 words

  • Artwork submissions must be in a printable medium: videos, slideshows, or audio tracks are not publishable by The Weird and Whatnot at this time

  • No explicit content or excessive profanity

  • Written works should be .doc or .docx files. Standard manuscript format preferred

  • We accept simultaneous submissions but not reprints


Compensation for published works will be as follows: $10 for written works 1000 words or more (including graphic narratives), $10 for artwork, and 5$ for written works less than 1000 words.

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